Client Testimonials

  1. Initially, I did not think I needed a wedding planner. But hands down, hiring Allyssa Elaine Events for my month/day-of coordination was the best decision that I made in all of my wedding planning! Allyssa wowed me from our initial consultation with her organization and professionalism, and she continued to impress throughout the entire time we worked with her. Her attention to detail was second to none and she went above and beyond in so many ways. From negotiating with all of my vendors to assisting with stylistic components to running last-minute crazy errands, Allyssa was always there to save the day. I could not have pulled off the wedding that I had imagined without her! Allyssa also took extra time to get to know us as a couple and even put together a feature about our love story on her blog. Her work and attention went way beyond what I would have ever expected from a day-of planner and helped to make our wedding even more special. If you are searching for a wedding planner, there is no need to look any further. Allyssa Elaine Events is the real deal- Allyssa and her team will be there to help ensure that the biggest day of your lives goes perfectly!
    Sara Rumpel
  2. Allyssa did such an incredible job coordinating our wedding. I have no doubt that both my mom and I would have been stressed out basket cases and would not have enjoyed the day had it not been for Allyssa. I didn't even realize how much we needed help on, but she far exceeded all of our expectations. She contacted all of my vendors, set up the ceremony and reception areas, coordinated both the wedding and reception, made sure everything stayed on our timeline, and even fixed the hubby and I plates so we weren't hangry. I'm positive she did so much more behind the scenes work that I'm not even aware of. My family all bragged on her the entire day and how great of a job she did. If you're on the edge about hiring a coordinator or planner, look no further. Allyssa will bring your wedding to life and will ensure you are fully able to enjoy the biggest day of your life. She is so kind, helpful, and sweet. You won't find a better person than her!
    Haylee Pitts
  3. When I picked my wedding date and figured out what we were going to do, everything seemed so easy. Then life happened and our wedding date fell right in the middle of both our works busy season and we weren't getting the support we needed to get everything done. Then Allyssa came into the picture! She helped with month before/day of coordination and it was the biggest relief. Handled all the confirmations with my vendors, figuring out all the last minute questions, and set EVERYTHING up at my reception venue. And it looked so perfect and better than I could have imagined. Allyssa and her team allowed me to actually enjoy my wedding day and not stress about a single thing. Hiring Allyssa is one of the best decisions I made with wedding planning.
    Bre Studdard
  4. Allyssa actually replaced my original coordinator who had a family emergency 1 month before the wedding. I was initially worried, but Allyssa was amazing! She went above and beyond to make sure everything went smoothly. She became familiar with everything and was always available. She made me feel so comfortable. I will recommend her to all my friends for her services. Hire her!
    Sara Wootten
  5. We wanted to send you a HUGE thank you for making our wedding so special. It amazed us how well you did with everything mid-way through our planning process; You made the transition from Tami to working with you so easy, stress-free, organized, and fun! You truly helped me stay sane throughout the whole planning process, the final days leading up to the big day, as well as our special day! I believe without you, our wedding would not have ran so smoothly or been set up so true to our vision. Thank you for making my dream wedding with all of its details come to life :) You were so helpful every step of the way and went above and beyond in numerous ways. We are so thankful we got to work with you, you truly touched our lives!
    Krissie Beyer
  6. Hiring Allyssa Elaine Events was probably the best decision we made during the wedding planning process. My husband and I are considering getting married again just to use her! Allyssa was incredibly well prepared and helpful and made herself available any time I needed her. She was also just very friendly and a pleasure to work with! I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help planning details of their wedding or just needs someone to handle the day-of coordinating.
    Courtney Sanchez
  7. Allyssa was absolutely wonderful! She was extremely easy to be in contact with, no matter what time of day which made our wedding experience so much easier and stress free. She genuinely cared about us and it really showed. Everything we could possibly imagine was possible because of her. From the rehearsal, transporting cupcakes, coordinating details of our first look, communicating with vendors, and even setting up the venue, Allyssa did it all! She listened to our vision and brought it to life. We really appreciate her role in the communication with vendors, rehearsal, set up, day of coordinating, and cleanup process. She was so engaged and involved and we couldn't have done it without her. We highly highly recommend her!!!
    Kayla Haley
  8. We originally hired Allyssa to help greet the florist at the ceremony site, run the rehearsal, direct the timing of the processional, etc. In the end, though, we found that she did so much more. Allyssa is calm, organized and professional but never bossy. The entire wedding party enjoyed working with her and respected her directions. My son even asked to hire her for his wedding next year! Allyssa and her assistant allowed us to enjoy the ceremony and not worry about anything. Besides an initial interview, Allyssa attended a ceremony venue walk through and met with us a month before the wedding. In between, she quickly answered any questions and offered tips. She put together a very detailed, impressive timeline for the day that other vendors admired and appreciated. Allyssa took care of little details without being asked. Whenever we did ask her about something, her reply was "I'll take care of that." I only have one regret in our experience. We had a coordinator at our reception venue. It turns out she wasn't able to be at the reception and we ended up working with several people we had never met. I wish we had hired Allyssa to give us continuity at the reception also. I would highly recommend her and look forward to working with her again for our son's wedding!
    Fran Kremer
  9. Allyssa was such a joy to work with! She went above and beyond to ensure that everything was perfect for our wedding. We hired her to for our rehearsal and ceremony, but wish I would've kept her all day (even though our reception venue included their own coordinator). I spent the morning of the wedding relaxing, laughing, and drinking coffee with friends since I had full confidence that Allyssa and her assistant, Alyssa, had everything under control!
    Kelly Newell
  10. When my daughter suggested a wedding planner, I felt that I was being replaced. But then she explained that she wanted me with her, spending the day together, not have me stressing out over the details. Allyssa, you let me do that! You were on top of everything, managing all those little details I'm sure I would have overlooked. I was very much involved throughout and was still able to have a truly wonderful, joyful day! You were personable and professional the entire time. I will definitely recommend you to my family and friends!
    Debi Viehman
  1. Hiring Allyssa was the best decision we made in our wedding planning process. When my mom suggested hiring a day-of wedding coordinator, I was skeptical at first. After meeting with Allyssa for an initial consultation, my mind was changed. Allyssa did everything we asked and made sure the day went smoothly. She put together our welcome bags. She picked up Starbucks and breakfast for the girls in the morning. Instead of having to set up the reception venue the day before the wedding, I was able to have a spa day with my bridesmaids because Allyssa was on it. When I walked into the reception venue and saw everything set up exactly as I had visioned, my mind was blown. Jazmine (Allyssa's assistant) came on the bus with us and made sure we had everything we needed from sweat towels to a cold beer. I was able to enjoy the day because I knew that any issues that came up Allyssa would take care of. My mom and I kept saying all day that hiring Allyssa was the best money we ever spent. Do yourself a favor and make your wedding day as stress-free as possible by hiring Allyssa. I seriously can't thank Allyssa enough for making my wedding day perfect!
    Sarah Gordon
  2. Allyssa and her team were absolutely fantastic!! From day one we fell in love with Allyssa and knew we had to have her with us throughout the wedding process. With all of the craziness our wedding brought, Allyssa never batted an eye and handled everything very professionally and did whatever she had to do to make the wedding day flow without stressing us out. We would highly recommend hiring Allyssa and her team, it is one decision you won't regret!
    Timothy & Laura Peters
  3. I really do not know what we would have done without Allyssa helping to plan and be apart of our wedding day! A few months before the wedding we realized we were in over our heads and that's when we found Allyssa after searching She was quick to respond and set up a meeting to meet us ASAP. From the first meeting we knew we would select her as our day of planner so there was no need to meet with anyone else! She provided us a set of documents that were extremely helpful in making sure our wedding day went smoothly. She helped us think about things we wouldn't of ever though of on our own. The day of the wedding she felt like more than just our day of wedding planner, she was like superwoman picking up coffee and bagels for the bridal party, coordinating lunch for the bus while we took photos, making sure everyone was on time and where they needed to be, etc. It took the stress out of the day for myself, my mom , and anyone else who would of had to spend the day making sure things were in order instead of enjoying themselves. We are so thankful we hired was one of the best decisions we made in all of our wedding planning process!
    Samantha Bougher
  4. My husband insisted (despite my organized and detail-oriented skepticism) on getting a day of coordinator for our wedding. After talking to a few coordinators, we thought Allyssa would be a good fit for us and our wedding. Little did I know that Allyssa was the best investment for our wedding we could possibly make. From doing our venue walk through and figuring out table placements a month out to immediately responding in a thoughtful and meaningful manner to my panicky emails in the weeks preceding our wedding to helping me change into my reception dress after our ceremony, we seriously could not have had as beautiful, on-time, and stressfree of a wedding without Allyssa. If I could give one piece of advice to brides or grooms to be, it would be to hire Allyssa-you can thank me later.
    Jessica Schmit
  5. Allyssa came into the picture when we were pretty down about our wedding. We had recently had to change venues and we’re excited about our new venue but also not excited about any other unexpected issues. Allyssa was a dream come true. She truly made sure every tasked I asked her about was dealt with and even handled matters that didn’t even occur to me. My photographer commented on how great and organized she was. Then on the day of, Allyssa was truly “on top of her game.” She made absolutely sure everything was perfect, I wasn’t worried about a thing. Additionally, there are a few noteworthy things about our time with Allyssa. She was dealing with our new venue that had never had a wedding but still made sure everything was done right. We had a few hiccups (not concerning her but wedding issues) and she always figured them out and gave us options on how to handle them. We couldn’t be happier with her work and we honestly regret not finding her sooner. I would recommend her to any of my friends and family!
    Suzy Ribaudo